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HFTrading is a decent name in the forex trading platform. In this HFTrading review, it will be discussed how it is one of the best forex brokers of 2023. It is a trustworthy broker as it is a licensed and regulated CFD broker. Nowadays, there are so many investment firms around the world that knowing what’s the best is almost impossible. Besides, there are many scam brokers too. In the midst of so many scam brokers, one can certainly trust HFTrading because it is fully legitimate. One who has forex education will easily understand its credibility and know-how safe it is to invest here. HFTrading is only available to the residents of Australia and New Zealand. HFTrading is the trading name of CTRL Investments Limited, and it is licensed by the following financial regulators:

  1. Australia: It is licensed and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (AFSL No. 414198).
  2. New Zealand: In New Zealand, it is licensed and regulated by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FSRP No. FSP197465).

These licenses assure the investor that HFTrading provides the highest financial and customer services to people. In addition to that, this broker meets the standard of any first-grade investment firm that is out there in the market.

HFTrading Review A Leading Trading Platform, Account Types, Spreads, Leverage & More

HFTrading has a simplistic yet attractive website from where the customers can learn all the information about the investment firm. The website maintains a balance of simplicity and attractiveness, which shows the professionalism of the firm. Anyone can easily navigate this website and find their required piece of information. Moreover, HFTrading added its legal documents to the website so that if an investor feels doubtful about its policies can check and be assured of its authenticity. HFTrading also warns the investors about the risks of trading CFDs on its website, so the investor learns if he is willing to take such risks or not.

HFTrading provides a whole bunch of privileges to its clients. It provides user-friendly MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platforms for mobile trading, desktop trading, or web trading. This gives the client a flexible trading experience. It is also important to note that HFTrading offers hundreds of assets for trading, such as forex shares, all the major cryptocurrencies, stocks, market indexes, commodities like oil, platinum, corn, etc. Such a wide range of assets makes the client’s experience smooth and variegated in the forex trading platform. So it will be no exaggeration to call HFTrading the best forex broker.

HFTrading also gives the investor the opportunity to get forex education through multiple educational resources. The educational materials which are available to the investors are:

  1. Articles: There is a wide range of articles on this site, including the ways of getting success in forex, tips and tricks of trading, etc., which provides the investor enough forex education to get his trading started.
  2. Video on demand: There are several videos on various topics like trading style, risk factors, market analysis, and so on.
  3. Ebooks: HFTrading also provides multiple ebooks loaded with pictures, graphs, charts. From these ebooks, beginner investors can learn trading strategies, capital management, and market analysis.
  4. Tutorials: Tutorials are great for beginners. They can guide the investor in various aspects of trading.

HFTrading Trading Platform

Opening an account in HFTrading is very easy. It just needs to click the “open account” button and follow the instructions to open an account in this forex trading platform. The instructions are super easy to navigate. Once an account is created, the client can have access to all the information from the client area. The client has three account options to select for himself. The registered investors get variable spreads and leverage according to the type of account they have registered. The maximum leverage one gets 1:500. Leverage multiplies the current deposit, which enables the client to trade more than his actual deposit. For example, a client deposited $100. If he gets leverage of 1:500 from the broker, he will get the buying power of $50,000. Therefore the client can increase his buying power and the number of trades. Spread is the difference between buying and selling prices of currency pairs. The minimum spread that HFTrading ensures is 1.8, which is sufficient to make a decent profit. The three types of accounts that HFTrading offers are:

  1. Silver: It is for novice traders. This account holder gets the benefit of trading 300+ assets, 1.8 minimum spread, and max leverage of 1:200.
  2. Gold: It is for advanced traders. The client gets the benefit of trading 300+ assets, 1.8 minimum spread, and max leverage of 1:400. He will also get a swap discount of 25%.
  3. Platinum: It is for pro-level traders. The investor gets the benefit of trading 300+ assets, 1.8 minimum spread, max leverage of 1:500. He will get a swap discount of 50%.

In the case of deposits and withdrawals, HFTrading goes with the safest and well-tested payment methods like Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Vpay, etc. The limitations on how much money one can withdraw or deposit from their account or on their account are also quite flexible. Besides, HFTrading demands no commission fees for transactions. So investors enjoy freedom while dealing with money.

Award winning financial service provider

Award-winning financial service provider

It is highly recommended to invest through HFTrading in the forex trading platform. From this HFTrading review, it can be seen that this broker gives services to all kinds of investors, from beginners to pro-level clients. It has the right type of account for any kind of trader. So HFTrading is able to fulfill the requirements of all types of clients. Moreover, users can have full knowledge of trading from its educational resources. Besides, hundreds of analytical tools allow carrying out an in-depth market analysis. And all these privileges come with the assurance of a licensed and regulated broker. So it is obvious that HFTrading has a decent trading platform, which is enough to make all the clients happy and satisfied in their trading experience.

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